Final flag



Official language


Ethnic groups (2015)

66.9% Antalorgian

18.2% Dasmian

5.5% Atlantic

2.8% Merislan

2.3% Trollandic

4.3% other


Unitary parliamentary democracy


Jelle Brandt Corstius

Prime minister

Sasha Arthur


80,691 sq km




429/sq km

National holiday

5 May

Drives on the



"Concedite Nulli"

National anthem

Беляши (Belyashi)


Lyrius (LYR)

Calling code


Antalorgia (Russian: Анталоргия, Antalorgiya), or the Republic of Antalorgia (Russian: Республика Анталоргия, Respublika Antalorgiya), is a country located in Jafaria, between Panacer Panacer, Eurovisia2 Eurovisia, Lyscia2 Lyscia and Mugsyria2 Mugsyria, sharing maritime borders with Panacer Panacer, Mugsyria2 Mugsyria and Havana Islands2 Havana Islands. The most important cities in Antalorgia are Leranograd and Lutetin. Leranograd is the country's capital, while Lutetin is the most important trading town of the country.

Antalorgia's name literally means "against Alorgia", referring to Alorgia, which was in the Middle Ages the mortal enemy of the predecessor of Antalorgia.

With a population density of about 429 people per km², Antalorgia is fairly densely populated.

Antalorgia is regarded as semi-tolerant: abortion, prostitution and euthanasia are legal, while they have a strict drugs policy and sometimes negative towards LGBTs. (Antalorgia used to be the only country with a law prohibiting LGBT-propaganda aimed at minors, but this law was abolished after having been in use for only 18 weeks.)



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Assault on foreign aid convoyEdit

On 25 November 2014, Antalorgia was shocked by an attack on a military airplane carrying several food parcels to be dropped over South Kordom3 South Kordom, where two earthquakes had struck recently. The airplane disappeared from the radar above the sea between Marcadia2 Marcadia and Tommanija2 Tommanija. It turned out that the airplane had been shot out of the air by an assault rocket, coming from the direction of Tommanija. A research set up to find the perpertrator of the attack is still running.

Lyrical WarEdit

On 7 December 2014, the Antalorgian parliament voted for a law forbidding propaganda of non-traditional relationships in front of minors. This wasn't well received by the governments of Kayania2 Kayania, the Rainbow Islands Rainbow Islands, Eurovisia2 Eurovisia and Lyscia2 Lyscia, but was approved of by the government of Atlantis2 Atlantis. Mere hours after the voting, a war broke out with Kayania, the Rainbow Islands, Eurovisia and Lyscia on one side, and Antalorgia and Atlantis on the other side.

A temporary armistice was declared on the 9th of December. In the meantime, the cities of Sagadvor and Khololachuga were destroyed by Eurovisian hovercrafts, killing 285,000 and 35 citizens respectively. Antalorgian military units had taken over a large part of the Lyscian territory, connecting Antalorgia to the Jafarian Sea.

The war officially came to an end on 25 March 2015.

Unrecognition by TommanijaEdit

On that same 25 March 2015, the Tommanijan government announced that from that day on they would see Dasmia2 Dasmia, Trolland & Beatum Trolland & Beatum and Antalorgia as unclaimed territories. This was badly received by the international community, and the Antalorgian government immediately took measures against Tommanija.

End of the Alexandrovich cabinetEdit

On 13 April 2015, a referendum on the eventual abolishment of the above described LGBT propaganda law was held in Antalorgia. A majority voted for abolishment, which Alexandrovich took up as a vote of no confidence towards his policy and his cabinet. After 41 hours of crisis consultation, Alexandrovich announced he'd step down. New elections were held on 15 April.


Antalorgia (topography)

Topography of Antalorgia. Gaitania = Lyscia.

Antalorgia is mostly flat, but contains two mountainous areas: the Half-Blood Mountains in the west (with a peak of 1,116 metres on Mount Thalia), and the Daniil Mountains in the far east.

Antalorgia has two major forests: the Zephyros Forest in the northwest and the Arsosna Forest in the southeast. There are some small forests, too: for example, the Livashe Forest surrounding Yablokoship, and the Senga Forest covering the far southwest of the country. The Polano Forest, which covered almost all Razhnuga, ceased to exist in 1997, as it had to move over in favour of the growing industry in the district.

Often called the most striking sight of Antalorgia are the Myshka Falls, where the Gerets River flows into the Leran Lake, with a difference in level of almost 500 metres.


All temperatures in °C.

Climate data of Antalorgia
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Record high temp. (°C) 14.4 18.4 23.6 29.2 32.6 33.4 34.1 35.6 32.2 27.1 20.0 14.9 35.6
Average high temp. (°C) 8.0 9.0 10.0 15.8 20.0 22.2 25.8 25.3 20.1 16.6 12.6 9.1 16.2
Daily mean temp. (°C) 5.0 5.7 6.4 11.2 13.4 15.6 18.3 17.8 14.6 11.8 8.9 6.1 11.2
Average low temp. (°C) 1.9 2.3 2.7 6.5 6.7 9.0 10.8 10.2 9.1 6.9 5.2 3.0 6.2
Record low temp. (°C) -15.4 -14.7 -13.9 -9.4 -4.1 -1.2 4.6 1.3 -4.2 -9.0 -13.8 -19.2 -19.2
Precipitation (mm) 69.6 55.8 66.8 42.3 61.9 65.6 81.1 72.9 78.1 82.8 79.8 75.8 832.5
Avg. rainy days 17 14 17 14 13 12 14 13 15 16 13 14 175
Avg. snowy days 3 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 11 18
Humidity (%) 87 84 81 75 75 76 77 79 84 86 89 89 82
Mean monthly sunshine hours 23.7 53.7 130.6 190.0 274.2 276.0 266.6 214.0 140.5 71.3 44.0 13.4 1,698


Antalorgia has been a unitary parliamentary democracy for centuries.

The President (currently Jelle Brandt Corstius) is officially the head of state, but in real terms mainly fulfills ceremonial functions. The executive power is formed by the Council of Ministers. The head of government, the Prime Minister, is the leader of the largest party of the coalition.

The cabinet is responsible to the monocameral Parliament, which also has legislative powers.The Parliament's 75 members are elected in direct elections on the basis of party-list proportional representation. These are held every four years, or sooner if the cabinet decides (or is forced to) step down. District council elections are held every two years, just like the municipal elections.

April 2015 electionsEdit

The last elections in Antalorgia were held on 16 April 2015, following the abdication of Prime Minister Sergej Alexandrovich. Six parties took part.

Rank Abbrev. Ideology Leader % Seats
1st SOT Internationalism Sasha Arthur 26.4% 20
2nd KRP Social democracy Ruslan Bulgakov 17.3% 13
3rd 1A Left-wing nationalism Igor Khodulev 14.8% 11
4th 14D Social liberalism Ivan Nudachyazal 14.6% 11
5th LEF Conservative liberalism Viktor Popovic 9.5% 7
6th NG Right-wing populism Yaroslav Lukin 6.7% 5
7th SP Socialism Christian Smirnitsky 5.2% 4
8th GO Left-wing progressive Valentina Borisovna 5.0% 4
9th ViM Elderly interests Elena Rishkov 0.5% 0

Division of the ministriesEdit

Portfolio Office-bearer
General Affairs, Prime Minister Sasha Arthur
Interior Affairs, Deputy Prime Minister Ruslan Bulgakov
Foreign Affairs Sébastien David
Warfare & Defence Alexander Nemerov
Economy, Finance and Trade Matthias Korzina
Education, Culture and Science Ivan Nudachyazal
Social Affairs and Employment Yekaterina Milinova
Security and Justice Nika Chelinksy
Health, Welfare and Sports Ron Jans
Environment and Energy Martina Spassky
Infrastructure and Transport Olga Ponomariova

Foreign relations Edit

All information given below according to Sébastien David, the current Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Close cooperation with Edit

At good terms with Edit


Antalorgia (districts colored named with capitals)

The districts of Antalorgia, together with their respective capitals.

Antalorgia consists of six districts.

Demipetsk takes care of the Antalorgian agriculture, their strawberries being regarded as the best of the world. Also, it is home ground to quite a few athletes. Demipetsk contains the highest mountain in the country: Mount Thalia, which has a height of 1,116 metres. The capital of Demipetsk, Olympia, is one of the highest situated towns of the country: in fact, only Sosnokhedzh, in the district of Benelia, beats Olympia. Some citizens speak Ancient Greek here.

Tuskin is known for its industrial products, including heavy firearms. Some rumors say somewhere in Tuskin, there is a top secret training area of the Antalorgian army. Tuskin is large though scarcely populated district, due to most of it being inhospitable (e.g. the small desert surrounding Sagadvor and the high mountains in the northwest). Most Tuskin citizens speak fluent Latin.

Razhnuga takes care of the fishing and the food industry of Antalorgia, while its capital, Lutetin, is also the most important trading town in the country, with an enormous harbour. It used to be sparsely populated as well as Tuskin, until a few years ago the forest that covered over two thirds of the district was chopped down in order to improve the attainability of Lutetin, which resulted in a large inflow of inhabitants. A French-speaking minority is living here.

Benelia is the largest and second most densely populated district of Antalorgia. Its capital is Saardam. Quite a few Benelians speak Dutch.

Trinovantov is a pretty modest district in the far south of the country, known for its sunny areas in the surroundings of Kanareya as well as its huge amount of immigrants living there.

Leranograd is the capital district of Antalorgia. It's also the political and cultural centre of the country.

District Capital Area (sq km) Population Density (per sq km)
Demipetsk Olympia 13,518 1.00 mln 74
Tuskin Tibrograd 24,488 2.66 mln 109
Razhnuga Lutetin 3,297 1.00 mln 303
Benelia Saardam 27,922 24.42 mln 875
Trinovantov Teltusk 9,973 0.55 mln 55
Leranograd Leranograd 1,493 4.97 mln 3,329
Total 80,691 34.6 mln 429


Air travelEdit

Antalorgia currently has two international airports:

There are also three other public airports, with only internal connections:

  • Sudnopolyovo Airport (serving Pivoplotina; used to be an international airport)
  • Hellanovo Airbase (serving Hippogorod; also used by the Antalorgian Army)
  • Avíla Airbase (serving Tibrograd; also used by the Antalorgian Army)

Finally, there's one military-only airport:

  • Kucha Gertsoga Airbase (serving Kucha Gertsoga)

Rail transportEdit

The rail transport in Antalorgia is handled by Antalorgian Railways. AR runs a high-speed maglev service, the ATAM.

Ferry links Edit

From the port of Lutetin, there's a direct ferry link to the Dolly Islands Dolly Islands, the Havana Islands2 Havana Islands and Falcon Island Falcon Island.

Television and radioEdit

The main Antalorgian broadcaster is the ABO (Antalorgia Broadcasting Organisation).

Lyrical Song ContestEdit

Edition Artist Song Grand Final Points Semi-Final Points
09 The Opposites Hey DJ 09 77 "No Semi-Final"
10 Imany You Will Never Know 09 130 "Auto-Qualified"
11 Magic System Tu es fou "Did Not Qualify" 12 45
12 Senit One Stop Shop 18 71 04 121
13 Kato & Safri Duo feat. Björnskov Dimitto (Let Go) 04 220 03 118
14 Imagine Dragons Nothing Left To Say 24 46 "No Semi-Final"
15 Panetoz Vissla Med Mig 14 133 09 120
16 Paris-Africa Faire des ricochets 13 75 09 41
17 *** did not compete ***
18 Within Temptation Shot In The Dark 04 150 "No Semi-Final"
19-22 *** did not compete ***
23 Anacondaz Рассвет Мертвецов 28 4 "No Semi-Final"
24 Fall Out Boy Centuries 11 169 05 133
25 Tone Damli & Eric Saade Imagine 09 133 10 91
26 Alex Hepburn Under 03 221 06 81
27 Höhner Viva Colonia 28 58 "Auto-Qualified"
28 Adele Skyfall 03 197 03 132
29 *** did not compete ***
30 Avicii vs. Lenny Kravitz Superlove "No Semi-Final"

Children's Lyrical Song ContestEdit

Edition Artist Song Place Points
1 Rachel Euphoria 06 26
2 Sebastiaan 2Gether We Are One 03 140
3 Mainstreet Stop The Time 10 66
4 Bogi We All 03 152
5 Adelén Bombo 17 50


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