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Coca Cola Islands


Coca Cola City

Official languages

English, French and Dutch


292 km2


12283 (2014)

National Anthem

Coca Cola Coca Cola

National holiday

Coca Coladay (22 July)


Michael Coca Cola


Coca Cola Television & Radio (CCTVR)

History Edit

In the past there was one country (est. 1961 A.D.) called the 'Soda Islands, and it was a place where Coca Cola-lovers and Fanta-lovers lived together.

But a few years later (1964 A.D.), Coca Cola-lovers and Fanta-lovers started to get a fight, Coca Cola-lovers said that Coca Cola was the best and Fanta-Lovers said that Fanta was the best.

After a war between them they decised to split Soda Islands in the 2 parts, Coca Cola Islands and Fanta Islands.

After this they banned Fanta in Coca Cola Islands.

On 20 October 2014, the president of Fanta Islands Fanta Islands and the president of Coca Cola Islands Coca Cola Islands have decised to stop the enmity between the countries, this day is also known as "Friendsday'', they also have decised to be partner countries.

Now, in 2014, Coca Cola Islands is a happy country with beautiful weather every day.

Economy Edit

The economy in Coca Cola Islands is one of the best in the world. Coca Cola Islands is the biggest supplier in Coca Cola of the world.

Traditions and Holidays Edit

Every July, the 22nd, people in Coca Cola Islands celebrate the end of the war between them and Fanta Islands, this day is also known as Coca Coladay.

Sport Edit

The most played sport in Coca Cola Islands is Soccer. Coca Cola Islands have a Soccer team for men and one for women. The first match they ever played was on 12 July, 2010, it was against Fanta Islands, it ended in a 4-1 victory for Fanta Islands.

Partner Countries Edit

Fanta Islands Fanta Islands
Rainbow Islands Rainbow Islands

Lyrical Song ContestEdit

Coca Cola Islands has never participate in Lyrical Song Contest, but a participation in the future isn't impossible.