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This article is about Dasmia in online song contests.



  • Dasmia is located in the Nordican continent.
  • Dasmia shares its western border with DepressiveState2 Depressive State and its eastern border with Poplandia Poplandia.


The 4 most populated cities (over 500.000 people) of Dasmia are:

  • Savoroemm (Center-of-Dasmia) is the capital and the most populated city of Dasmia. It's the cultural, political and economical center of the country. Savoroemm is also the seat of the official residencies of the Dasmian royal family.
  • Wilorlett (Olshaine) is the largest harbour of Dasmia. It's also an industrial city specialized in the ship-building and the oil-refining.
  • Dils (Cyan Coast) is a busy tourist destination. The city is famous for its luxury shops and hotels.
  • Ledalt (Hugavie) was an important city of the country in the past thanks to its manufacturing sector. Nowadays, Ledalt has lost its importance and has one of the highest unemployment rate of the country.


There are 10 regions and therefore 10 chief-towns in Dasmia.

  • Center-of-Dasmia is the most populated and important area of the country.
  • Corniella-Meloubie and Cyan Coast have beautiful landscapes. Cyan Coast is well-known for its paradise white sandy beaches, while Corniella-Meloubie is a steep maritime region filled with history.
  • Licomavre and Hugavie suffer from economic difficulties because of the deindustrialisation, especially Hugavie. Indeed, the economic situation is less serious in Licomavre because the region has a strong fishing industry.
  • Adroragne and Olshaine dominate the agricultural but also the import-export sector, notably because of their proximity to Depressive State which is the first economic parter of Dasmia.
  • Kayodeen (Upper and Lower) is a sparsely populated area which has wide forests.
  • Rosmabior is an island belonging to Dasmia since it has been conquered by the kingdom in 1797. It is one of the 10 regions of Dasmia, although it's designated as a territorial collectivity by law. Rosmabior has been given this special status in 1997 in memorial of the bicentenary of the war.



Inhabited for thousands of years, Dasmia is one of the oldest countries of the Lyrical World. Legend has it that the kingdom of Dasmia was founded in 574 by the grouping of various tribes which had agreed to fuse only if they would find a chief who would suit all of them. While this appeared impossible, an unbelievably beautiful and intelligent woman named Maria managed to charm everyone and was finally chosen to be the first queen of Dasmia, thus was born the kingdom. However, Queen Maria had to choose a king, in order to lead her troops and to give birth to an heir. Every single man dreamed to be chosen but finally Maria fell in love with a beggar named Envaan who became the king afterwards. The couple had a son, named Milan, who became king in turn.

Several centuries passed ; 59 monarchs have succeeded each other, external wars occured about specific territories, the dasmian territory expanded and shrank many times, internal opponents tried to create a mess within the kingdom ; but Dasmia has never surrendered and has always remained the same : an hereditary and absolute but fair monarchy.

Nevertheless, Dasmia really became what it is today in the last century. Indeed, in 1906, when Queen Peonia III (1876-1955) acceded to the throne, the country started to become very strong economically. Following the steps of his mother when she died, King Colin (1909-1991) contribued to strengthen Dasmia's external relations. Last but not least, his daughter and successor, Queen Delia (1951-2015), really modernised the country notably by changing the old mentalities, she made of Dasmia one of the most tolerant and peaceful country of the Lyrical World.

Lyrical WarEdit

On December 7th, 2014, Kayania2 Kayania, Eurovisia2 Eurovisia, Rainbow Islands Rainbow Islands and Lyscia2 Lyscia started a war against Final flag Antalorgia and Atlantis2 Atlantis about anti-LGBT laws. Dasmia decided to stay neutral in this war to protect its economic interests, even if Queen Delia was bisexual. [1]

Queen Delia's deathEdit

On January 5th, 2015, Queen Delia died of a heart attack. The dasmian population was shocked by this sudden death. JDTV decided to withdraw from the 18th edition of the Lyrical Song Contest to let time to Dasmia to mourn. [2] As Queen Delia didn't have a heir, her brother, King Mavan (1960-...), has been enthroned on January 24th. [3]


On March 24th, 2015, Tommanija2 Tommanija unrecognized Dasmia, Trolland & Beatum Trolland & Beatum and Final flag Antalorgia. The spokesperson of the Royal Palace immediatly reacted saying that Dasmia was fully prepared to respond in the event of an attack and to protect the two other countries implied in the case. [4] The measure of Tommanija had been unanimously condemned by the Lyrical World. Later, Tommanija decided to join Dancony2 Dancony. However, Dasmian-Danconian diplomatic relations have not been affected by this.

Rosmabior's crisisEdit

On May 10th, 2015, thousands of rosmabioran took to the streets calling for the right to vote on independence in response to the announcement of future centralist policies. Moreover, the anti-royalists took this opportunity to cast doubt the future of monarchy. During several weeks, Dasmia was kind of plunged in a mess so JDTV withdrew from the Lyrical Song Contest during two editions. [5] Finally, compromises after compromises, the situation improved and calm returned in Dasmia. JDTV confirmed its comeback in the Lyrical Song Contest on July 8th. [6]


See : Organisation of transports

The most important roads are designated by the letter A with a number. There are 12 major motorways. The cities of Savoroemm and Ledalt are major crossroads.

Almost all the cities are linked by railways.

There are several airports in Dasmia but only the airport of Savoroemm is connected with the other countries across the world.

The biggest harbour of Dasmia is Wilorlett. There are five other important harbours : Zeigency, Atruluis, Dils (in the south), Jamio and Mevesk (in the north). Wilorlett and Zeigency are in front of Depressive State while Jamio is in front of Rosmabior.

Sports & EntertainmentsEdit

Dasmia is maybe not the sportiest country of the Lyrical World, but we can say that Sports are still a central part of Dasmian culture. Football is the most popular sport in Dasmia.

The league one, dasmian championship of football, is greatly watched.

The Dasmian national football team has participated in the two editions of the CFA World Cup (Winter 2015 and Spring 2015). So far, Dasmia didn't go through the group stage. Nicolas Bailey, the third manager of the team, will try to get a better result in the next World Cup.

Dasmia participated in the World Games of Birsan in November 2014, in the World Games of Ickaton in April 2015 and in the World Games of Dankonía Kastalinn in July 2015.

Dasmia had also confirmed for the Summer 2015 World Cup of Basketball.

Dasmia was represented in the show Lyrical Big Brother by the candidate Christopher Pine.

Lyrical Song ContestEdit


Edition Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
11 MakSim Drugaya realnost 12 104 05 70
12 Hadise Nerdesin Askim Did Not Qualify 13 66
13 Fridrik Omar Farinn 16 95 11 70
14 Marko Kon & Mirjana Radmilovic Noci u gradu 26 39 No Semi-Finals
15 Christoph Watrin Rot Grün Blau 17 117 10 98
16 Olia Tira Unicul Meu Did Not Qualify 12 33
17 Kristina Pelakova V sieti ta mam 13 91 No Semi-Finals
18 Did not compete
19 Adele Set Fire To The Rain 07 95 02 154
20 Arion You're My Melody 01 183 01 180
21 Richie Stringini Man Down 24 53 No Semi-Finals
22 MakSim God Did Not Qualify 12 62
23 MakSim Stala Svobodnej 23 59 No Semi-Finals
24 Hadise Superman Did Not Qualify 13 83
25 MakSim Nebo Samolety Did Not Qualify 12 91
26 Did not compete
28 Sasha Pieterse No 11 119 8 34
29 Dean Geyer If you don't mean it 05 118 No Semi-Finals
30 Lucy Hale & Joe Nichols Red dress 15 77 No Semi-Finals

Commentators and SpokespersonsEdit

Edition Channel Commentator Spokesperson
11 JDTV Jameela Jamil No Spokesperson
13 Fridrik Omar
14 Sabrina Halm
15 Lily Cole
16 No Spokesperson
18 Did not compete
19 JDTV Jameela Jamil Billy Miller
20 No Spokesperson
25 Liam Hemsworth
26 Did not compete
28 JDTV Taylor Cole No Spokesperson

Voting historyEdit

Dasmia has given the most points to... (finals only)

Rank Country Points
1 The Whitelands2 The Whitelands 159
2 Republica Blanca2 República Blanca 121
3 Rainbow Islands Rainbow Islands 110
4 Engeos Engeos 94
5 Fanta Islands Fanta Islands 82

Dasmia has recieved the most points from... (finals only)

Rank Country Points
1 Luir-Landodios Luir-Landodios 74
2 Sultanate al-Arabiyyah2 Sultanate Al-Arabiyyah 59
3 Kayania2 Kayania 59
4 DepressiveState2 Depressive State 55
5 Neptune2 Neptune 55

Children's Lyrical Song ContestEdit

Edition Artist Song Place Points
8 Bella Thorne Call it whatever 3 154

Ezfalti-Nordican Song ContestEdit

Edition Artist Song Place Points
1 MakSim Ya veter 2 129
2 MakSim Zolotymi Rybkami 4 113



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