Panacer Panacer
Artist Nikki Nikki
Edition Lyrical Song Contest 23
Grand Final Place 15th
Grand Final Points 109
Semi-Final Place No Semifinal
Semi-Final Points No Semifinal
Language English
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Home For Dinner is a song by Cambodian singer Nikki Nikki, and was the LySC 23 entry for Panacer. The song gave Panacer their worst result to date, although still a very satisfactory result.

The Song Edit

Home For Dinner was released in 2014 as part of Songkites, a compilation of songs by Maritime Asian singer-songwriters. Nikki Nikki's song is the most recognisable of them and became one of the best-selling Cambodian songs.

The song is classified as a ballad.

Lyrical Song Contest 23 Edit

The song was selected as the LySC 23 entry for Panacer, and was automatically placed in the final, as there were no semifinals. The song came 15th, which is Panacer's worst result to date, but received a very satisfactory amount of points.

Reception Edit

KHL Keyholeland stated that the song was underrated, and Aranna Aranna even said the song was cute in the live results show.

Charts Edit

Country Peak
Panacer (OMP) 4