Lyrical Song Contest 4
Fierce Music
Final dates 23 August, 2014
Venue Heineken Muisc Hall
Presenter(s) Jeffry Blight
Manila Luzon
Executive supervisor Jeffry Blight
Host Netherlands Netherlands
Opening act Cher
Interval act Ladies of Soul
Number of entries 13
Debuting countries Australia Australia
Cyprus Cyprus
Japan Japan
Russia Russia
Returning countries Sweden Sweden
Withdrawing countries Austria Austria
France France
Hungary Hungary
Malaysia Malaysia
Winning song Netherlands "Golden"
Lyrical Song Contest
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The fourth Lyrical Song Contest will be held in the country of the winner of edition 3. Since there are 2 winners, a random draw will be held to determine the location.

The random draw concluded with The Netherlands getting the option to host, and thus will be in the Heineken Music Hall, in Amsterdam.

The hosts are main host Jeffry Blight and Manila Luzon. Opening and interval acts are Cher and Ladies of Soul respectively.

Grand FinalEdit

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
7 Australia Australia Elen Levon Wild Child 2 56
13 Cyprus Cyprus Βαλάντω Τρύφωνος Αν Με Δεις 6 39
10 Finland Finland LOVEX Miracle 3 56
6 Germany Germany Fantasy Es geht nach Rio de Janeiro 13 26
8 Greece Greece Demy ft. Mike Οσο ο κοσμοσ θα εχει εσενα 12 29
11 Ireland Ireland The Saturdays Notorious 11 30
9 Japan Japan Kagamine Len Paradichlorobenzene 10 32
4 Netherlands Netherlands Laura Jansen Golden 1 58
5 Norway Norway Anders Nilsen Salsa Tequila 7 38
2 Russia Russia Anastasia Midnight Catwoman 5 42
12 Sweden Sweden Tove Lo Habits (Stay High) 9 34
3 Switzerland Switzerland Lovebugs ft. Rykka Cry Your Heart Out 4 47
1 USA United States Rebecca Shearing Lights 8 35
  • Alex had to choose between having France & USA, which became an issue after LySC 3.
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