Lyrical Song Contest 7
Final dates 28 September, 2014
Presenter(s) Bârd & Vegard Ylvisâker
Executive supervisor Jeffry Blight
Host Norway Norway
Opening act Ani Lorak
Number of entries 11
Winning song Portugal "Guess It's Allright"
Lyrical Song Contest
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The 7th Lyrical Song Contest will be held in Oslo, Norway. NTU, the Ukrainian broadcaster, was not able to host nor send an entry to this edition, although Ani Lorak performed at the Pre-Show.

The hosts were Bârd & Vegard Ylvisâker, better known as Ylvis.

The next country that was in the 6th edition was Norway, hosting for the 2nd time in LYSC history.

The FinalEdit

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
1 Switzerland Switzerland Sons of Nature I Love You 8 50
2 United Kingdom United Kingdom Little Mix Salute 7 51
3 Spain Spain Diego Boneta Siempre Tú 4 63
4 Norway Norway Carina Dahl It Gets Better 5 62
5 Portugal Portugal Kika Guess It's Allright 1 79
6 Netherlands Netherlands Anouk Places To Go 9 46
7 Hungary Hungary Dalriada Ígéret 11 35
8 Finland Finland Mikko Pohjola Sängyn reunalla 6 58
9 Albania Albania Bebe Rexha I Can't Stop Drinking Without You 2 77
10 Denmark Denmark DQ We Had No Idea 10 42
11 Germany Germany Maras April Tschüss 3 74
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