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Nova Fionia Nova Fionia (Danish: Ny Fyn, English: New Funen, Anglo-Danish: Ný Fünen) is a small archipelago located in the Northern Pacific Ocean, just situated approximately 300 kilometers south of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, USA United States. Its permanent population is 93 (as of 2014) and its area is 0.39 km2.

Nova Fionia

Capital city

Crosswaves (62)

Other cities

Patsville (25), Motz (6)


0.39 km2


93 (2014)

National language

Anglo-Danish, English



Ethnic groups

67% English, 28% Danish, 5% other

Time zone



FKr (Fionian Kroner)


Nova Fionia Television (NFTV)

Nova Fionia Nova Fionia consists of three main islands, Mauqila, Mugarf and Sucal, plus a number of minor rocks and skerries. Only Mauqila and Mugarf are inhabited, while Sucal is a bird reserve. The sound between Mauqila and Mugarf, a well-sheltered natural harbour, is crossed by a pedestrian bridge that is pulled aside to accommodate larger vessels.


Crosswaves (62 inhabitants) is the main capital town of the country, being the major naval base for incoming tourists. It is having an own town hall, church, supermarket, museum and a harbour.

The village of Patsville (25 inhabitants) is where the school and the naval fortress locates. It's here where the natives of the archipelago spend their time looking over a unique bird reserve just an eyesight over the horizon at the island of Sucal.

Motz is another small village of 6 inhabitants located easternmost of Mauqila. Motz has its own tavern, where people spend their time together drinking and watching the Lyrical Song Contest-final for full support of their own nation.

Administrative statusEdit

The islands are state property - an unincorporated area - and do not belong to either a municipality or a region, instead, they are governed by an administrator appointed by the Denmark Danish ministry of defence which is responsible for carrying out the tasks normally performed by municipalities and other public sector civil services. Major sources of income are fishery and tourism. There are 80,000 tourists per year, mostly day visitors arriving via Alaska and Hawaii. Nova Fionia Nova Fionia is also a popular destination for yachts.



• The Anglo-Danish language is a formidable crossover language between English and Danish.
• Names of the islands are derived from latin names of various edible fruits which then are spelled backwards.

Lyrical Song ContestEdit

Nova Fionia Nova Fionia debuted in the tenth edition of the Lyrical Song Contest. Isac Elliot made out the very first participation of the country by being the debutant and entering with his song "New Way Home".

Edn. Artist Song Final Points Semi-Final Points
10 Isac Elliot "New Way Home" 11 123 10 88
11 Hvanndalsbræður "Gulir Dahar" 10 110 10 52
12 Tina Dico "Someone You Love" 11 130 05 115
14 Ana Johnsson "We Are" 09 124 N/A

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